Thought Behind Zunnorain Foundation


unnorain Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organization, working for the welfare of children with disabilities since 2014, mainly through rehabilitation, training and education.

We see Zunnorain Foundation not only as a religious obligation, but also as a social contract – it is a pact between the healthy/privileged ones and the underprivileged ones with certain health related impairments, a duty of those who have resources towards those who do not. Today, Zunnorain Foundation’s operations reflect strengthening of its original philosophy, coupled with surprising new initiatives.





Story Behind the Journey 

Abdul Sami, was the first student of a home-school arranged by his mother, Qurat-ul-ain, after losing hope in all the mainstream and special schools of Faisalabad. Mrs. Qurat-ul-ain hired a psychologist and started to homeschool her son who has global developmental delays and a number of other medical conditions including severe osteoporosis and hemophilia. Considering the special needs of her son, she enrolled in a master degree program in Special Education at GC University Faisalabad in order to understand the ways with which she could teach and train her son in the best possible way. In a few months, a mother of three children with Cerebral Palsy requested to accommodate her kids as well in the home-school which was being run in the drawing room of the house. The word spread about this home-school and parents of children with special needs from around the neighborhood started to pour in to seek accommodation for their kids. “I understood the pain, the emotional and financial pressure which the parents go through while raising a child with special needs, so, I could not find courage in myself to say ‘no’ to the parents” she recalls. It was a challenge for her to even discuss the topic of starting an institution for other children and adding up to it, the resources for running such an institute were unknown to her. As a housewife and living in a joint family system, she was fortunate that her family embraced and supported her to let in more children with special needs for training and education. As the number of children grew from 4 to 40 in a time span of two years, the family accommodated these children in their drawing room, their small garden (which was later converted into a proper class room) and their garage.
At this stage this ‘home-school’ was named Zunnorain Foundation in memory of Mrs. Qurat ul-ain’s late brother, Zunnorain Sikander. In 2017, a 5-marla house was rented nearby and till now, the Foundation is operating in the same building. In order for the Foundation to run in a strictly professional manner, the process for registration with the Department of Social Welfare was started and finally got registered on April 23, 2019 as Zunnorain Welfare Society.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.